Major Rivers of the World Part 3

Major Rivers of the World Part 3 Europe Europe, though physically part of the Eurasian Landmass, has been considered as a separate continent due to its large size and distinct culture. Europe is commonly considered to be separated from Asia by the watershed of the […]

Transparency in FTA

Quest for transparency in FTA negotiations #GS-03 Economy, #GS-02 International Relations For Prelims: Free Trade Agreement: A Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is an arrangement or a treaty between two or more countries to remove trade barriers and facilitate trade between them. The list of FTAs […]

PIB Analysis 17-11-22

PIB Analysis 17-11-22 Digital Shakti 4.0 The National Commission for Women (NCW) launched the fourth phase of Digital Shakti Campaign, a pan-India project on digitally empowering and skilling women and girls in the cyberspace. In line with its commitment to create safe spaces for women […]

Artemis Mission

Artemis Mission #GS-03 Science and Technology For Prelims: Apollo Missions: Apollo missions were space-flight programs carried out from 1961 to 1972 by NASA which landed the first astronauts on the moon. The first Apollo mission to get to space was Apollo 7 and was launched […]

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism #GS-02 International Relations, #GS-03 Climate Change For Prelims: Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism: Carbon border adjustments, also referred to as “carbon border adjustment mechanisms” (CBAM), are an emerging set of trade policy tools that aim to prevent carbon-intensive economic activity from moving […]