GST Council

GST Council Context: The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council on Saturday clarified tax provisions on items ranging from fryums to sport utility vehicles (SUVs) to reduce disputes. It also approved decriminalisation of some offences but could not find the time to discuss half its […]

Exercise VAJRA PRAHAR 2022

Exercise VAJRA PRAHAR 2022 India – USA Joint Special Forces Exercise. The 21-day joint training provided an opportunity for the Special Forces from both nations to train in Air Borne Operations, Special Operations and Counter Terrorism operations in a joint environment under United Nations Charter. […]

Challenges to Fiscal Federalism in India

Challenges to Fiscal Federalism in India Context: With coming in of the GST regime, the states have lost their revenue generating capacity and with waning away of the Planning Commission, there are apprehensions about the weakening of the principle of Fiscal Federalism in India. Background: […]

Despite Pressures, the Rupee’s Remarkable Resilience

Despite Pressures, the Rupee’s Remarkable Resilience For Mains Causes for depreciation of Rupee Widening current account deficit, persistent risk-off sentiment as a result of geopolitical tensions, ‘a strengthening dollar index, and continuous sell-off by foreign portfolio investors. The dollar has strengthened against all currencies, developed […]

The Cost of Misrepresenting Inflation

The Cost of Misrepresenting Inflation For Mains What is the issue? Despite the sharp recovery from pandemic, real output in 2021-22 was barely higher than in the pre-pandemic year of 2019-20 in India. What is causing inflation in India? It is a common mistake to […]

Current Account Deficit (CAD)

Current Account Deficit (CAD) Context: The Finance Ministry has asserted that the current account deficit (CAD) deteriorate this year mainly due to rising trade deficits. What is CAD? A current account deficit occurs when the total value of goods and services a country imports exceeds the […]

Sovereign Gold Bond

Sovereign Gold Bond Context: The Government of India has notified that the Sovereign Gold bonds are open for subscription. The issue price of the Sovereign Gold Bond during the subscription period will be Rs.5091. About Sovereign Gold Bond The Sovereign Gold Bond is issued by […]