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  • There has been a persistent issue of underrepresentation of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) jobs despite calls for increasing their representation in the workforce.
  • Battling the gender gap and stereotypes, more women are now pursuing and excelling in two of the most lucrative STEM fields — engineering and mathematics.



  • Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics(STEM) is a broad term used to group together these academic disciplines. This term is typically used to address an education policy or curriculum choices in schools.
  • It has implications for workforce development, national security concerns (as a shortage of STEM-educated citizens can reduce effectiveness in this area) and immigration policy.


Increasing percentage of Women In STEM

  • According to reports, 43% of graduates in STEM are women, which is the highest in the world, but, a mere 14% of them step into the world of employment in these fields, creating a huge gender disparity in workspaces.
  • The positive side is that more women are showing an inclination towards jobs in sports technology, coding, and machine learning. “Men have been dominant on a global front when it comes to sports as athletes as well as being the spectators.
  • But one must not discount the massive opportunity that lies in engaging female sports fans as those interested to contribute to sports technology sectors with their STEM expertise. 


Way Forward:
  • While it is true that STEM fields need more gender diversity, I would like to acknowledge the intentionality and focus needed to address this complex problem.