Transnational Terrorism in Africa

Transnational Terrorism in Africa Context: • The terrorist threat today is fundamentally different from what the world faced on 9/11. Terrorism today is increasingly transnational, geographically dispersed and ideologically diverse. • Terrorist activities have been spreading from West Asia to Central African countries and now […]

Demand for Grant

Demand for Grant Context: • Lok Sabha passes Demand for Grant under control of Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways What is it? • It is needed when the amount authorised by the Parliament through the appropriation act for a particular service for the current […]

Sri Lankan Economic Crisis

Sri Lankan Economic Crisis Context: • Sri Lanka is facing severe economic crisis mainly due to the depletion in the forex reserves, which has led to shortages in fuel, food, medicines and other essential items. Background: • The pandemic deepened the economic crisis in Sri […]

Plant Varieties Registry

Plant Varieties Registry Context: • A unique variety of rice bred by a Karnataka based farmer has been recognised for its salient features and qualities by the Plant Varieties Registry, Government of India, which has issued its stamp of approval. Background: • To ensure the […]