Seagrasses Context: • Based on field surveys and satellite data, the National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management has estimated the total extent of seagrass ecosystem in India to be 516.59 km2. • The CO2 sequestration rate of seagrass ecosystem is estimated to be up to […]

Dependence On Coal

Dependence On Coal Context: • Recently, Union Minister of Coal, Mines explained in the parliament that India is still dependent on coal for the energy needs. About: • In India, energy transition away from coal is not happening during the foreseeable future. • Although there […]

Upcoming Greenfield Airports

Upcoming Greenfield Airports Context: • Government of India has accorded ‘In-Principle’ approval for setting up of 21 Greenfield Airports across the country. About: • The upcoming airports 21 Greenfield Airports across the country namely Mopa in Goa, Navi Mumbai, Sindhudurg and Shirdi in Maharashtra, Bijapur,Hassan, […]

Microplastics in Human Blood

Microplastics in Human Blood Context: • A study by researchers from The Netherlands has examined blood samples of 22 persons, all anonymous donors and healthy adults, and found plastic particles in 17 of them. What are micro plastics? • Microplastics are fragments of any type […]

Hindrances To JCPOA

Hindrances To JCPOA Context: • The JCPOA had entered its last stage of talks at the end of February and had declared that there are few small obstacles that would be resolved. • But as of now, there is no developments regarding the Iran nuclear […]

Coral Bleaching: A Complete Overview

An Overlook into Coral Bleaching Context: • The management authority of the world’s largest coral reef system, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, confirmed on March 25 that the reef is experiencing a mass coral bleaching event. • This is the sixth time that the coral reef […]