India’s FDI Inflow

India’s FDI Inflow Context: • India has recorded highest ever annual FDI inflow of USD 83.57 billion in the Financial Year 2021-22. In 2014-2015, FDI inflow in India stood at mere 45.15 USD billion as compared to the highest ever annual FDI inflow of USD […]

Aurangzeb’s Tomb

Aurangzeb’s Tomb Context: Mughal emperor Aurangzeb’s tomb in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad was on Thursday, 19 May, closed by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) for five days. What is the issue? It all started when a disagreement erupted in Varanasi over the Gyanvapi mosque, which was […]

India’s Maritime Security Concerns

India’s Maritime Security Concerns Context: The appointment of India’s first National Maritime Security Coordinator (NMSC) reflects seriousness to address maritime security challenges.               What is the present situation? Following the 2008 Mumbai attacks, the maritime security infrastructure was overhauled, […]