EU’s Ban on Russian Oil

EU’s Ban on Russian Oil Context: As part of the sixth package of sanctions since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the European Union member states on May 30 reached an agreement to ban 90% of Russian crude oil imports by the end of the year.  About: […]

Disease Outbreaks and its Impact

Disease Outbreaks and its Impact Context: In the past decade the world has seen several outbreaks, due to which there has been serious impact socially and economically. In this context it is important to analyse how the developing nations and developed countries have struggled to […]

Right to Repair

Right to Repair Context: The U.S. state of New York recently passed the Fair Repair Act, which requires manufacturers to supply repair information, tools, and parts to independent repair shops and not just their own stores or partners. About: Only the domestic situation of the […]

Tremors in The Currency Market

Tremors in The Currency Market Context: Domestic stock markets and the rupee faced rough weather in early trading on recently as the sharp rise in US inflation triggered concerns over more aggressive rate hikes and stronger capital outflows. What is the reason? In the first […]

Web 5.0

Web 5.0 Context: Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently announced his vision for a new decentralized web platform that is being called Web 5.0 and is being built with an aim to return “ownership of data and identity to individuals”. Background: The initial iteration of […]

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