PM GatiShakti National Master Plan

PM GatiShakti National Master Plan – “An impetus to Power Infrastructure Development” For Prelims: PM GatiShakti-National Master Plan (NMP):  Launched in October 2021. Objective: To bring different Ministries/ Utilities & infrastructure planning under a single unified vision, across all sectors such as Highways, Railways, Aviation, […]


Career Path you can opt after Graduation Gone were the times when only a couple of career options after graduation like an MBA were considered. With the advancement in technology & the education system, a plethora of career options are available for college kids to […]

Choosing Optional Subjects.

How to choose Optional Subjects for UPSC Exam? The decision of opting for the UPSC Mains Optional is an age-old dilemma for Civil Services aspirants. As per the newest syllabus, the amount of optional subjects to be selected is reduced to at least one, but […]

India-EU: Global Dynamics

India-EU: Global Dynamics For Prelims European Union wants to be the first carbon-neutral region in the world by 2050 and have started the ‘European Union Green Deal’ to achieve this goal. ‘Fit-for-55’ package, a communication of its 2030 climate targets by EU in which they […]

Hate Crime, Punishment

Hate Crime, Punishment For Prelims The Article 19(1) (A) of the Constitution of India states that, “all citizens shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression”. Hate speech has not yet been defined by law. IPC Section which relates to Hate speech Section […]