The Jerusalem Declaration

The Jerusalem Declaration Context: The U.S. and Israel signed a new security pact on Thursday reinforcing their common front against Iran, as President Joe Biden pledged to use “all” American power to stop the Islamic republic from acquiring nuclear weapons. Background:  In 2018, Donald Trump, […]

Ecologically Sensitive Areas (ESA)

Ecologically Sensitive Areas (ESA) Context:  The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) had issued a draft notification which demarcated large parts of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Maharashtra and as eco-sensitive areas. About ESA:  A report from the Kasturirangan committee from 2013 recommended classifying […]

Current Account Deficit (CAD)

Current Account Deficit (CAD) Context: The Finance Ministry has asserted that the current account deficit (CAD) deteriorate this year mainly due to rising trade deficits. What is CAD? A current account deficit occurs when the total value of goods and services a country imports exceeds the […]

National Policy For Persons With Disabilities

National Policy For Persons With Disabilities Context: The Department of Empowerment of Person with Disabilities (DoEPwD) recently released the draft of the national policy for persons with disabilities. The necessity for a new policy which replaces the 2006 policy was felt because of multiple factors […]

Forest Conservation Rules

Forest Conservation Rules Context: The political parties have sparred earlier this week on the latest version of the Forest Conservation Rules. Congress spokesperson, Jairam Ramesh, alleged that the latest version of the rules, updated last month, allowed forest land to be diverted to industry without […]