Buddhism Part-1

Buddhism Part-1 About Buddhism Buddhism is one of the most prevelant religions of South and South-Eastern Asian countries. It originated in India over 2,600 years ago when Gautama Buddha gained enlightenment and spread his teachings. Currently it is the world’s fourth-largest religion and has over […]

Is UPSC Civil Services Exam Tough?

Let’s do a reality check! It’s just a misconception that only toppers in their academics can clear the UPSC exam. Anyone can crack the UPSC exam with average academic records. What all one needs is the perfect mixture of hard work and smart work plus […]


PIB ANALYSIS 28-09-22 Bathukamma festival Ministry of Culture organized the celebration of Bathukamma festival being at Kartavyapath, India Gate, New Delhi. Bathukamma Festival is an annual celebration in Telangana that goes on for nine days and overlaps with the festival of Navratri. The festival is […]

The NASA spacecraft-asteroid collision

The NASA spacecraft-asteroid collision #GS – 03 Science and Technology For Prelims About DART Mission Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) Mission is the first Kinetic Impactor Method of planetary defence, launched by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). DART spacecraft collided with the asteroid Dimorphos […]