Buddhism Part-2

Buddhism Part-2 The Buddhist councils: Buddhist Councils marked important turning points in the evolution of Buddhism. First Council: The council was held in the Sattapani cave at Rajgriha. It was held around 483 BC and was presided by Mahakasyapa under the patronage of King Ajatshatru. […]

PIB Analysis 01-10-22 (Part 2)

PIB Analysis 01-10-22 Part 2 “Trains At A Glance (TAG)” Highlights of the new time table are as follows: Indian Railways runs about 3,240 Mail/Express trains which include Vande Bharat Express, Gatimaan Express, Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, Humsaafar Express, Tejas Express, Duronto Express, Antyodaya Express, […]

PIB Analysis 01-10-22 (Part 1)

PIB Analysis 01-10-22 Part 1 Bharatskills Forum A new feature called the Bharatskills Forum has been added to the Bharatskills learning platform developed by Directorate General of Training (DGT) that allows sharing of books, notes, videos, question bank, etc., and other relevant skill-related content for […]