Prison Reforms Part 1

Prison Reforms Part 1 Who is a prisoner? A prisoner can be defined as someone who is deprived of liberty and kept under involuntary restraint, confinement, or custody. Types of Prisoners: Inmates of prisons in Indian jails are categorised as convicts, undertrials and detenues. Convict: […]

PIB Analysis 08-10-22 Part 2

PIB Analysis 08-10-22 Part 2 U.S.-India Strategic Clean Energy Partnership Enhanced bilateral efforts include: Strengthening the power grid to ensure reliable, affordable, and resilient clean energy supply including through smart grids and energy storage; Assessing grid-integrated buildings, electric vehicles, and other distributed energy resources to […]

Uighurs of Xinjiang

Uighurs of Xinjiang #GS-02 International Relations For Prelims: About Uyghurs The Uyghurs alternatively spelled Uighurs, Uygurs or Uigurs, are a Turkic ethnic group originating from and culturally affiliated with the general region of Central and East Asia. The Uyghurs have traditionally inhabited a series of […]

Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Peace Prize #GS-02 International Organisations For Prelims: About Nobel Peace Prize: The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded on the day of Alfred Nobel’s death, the 10th of December, since 1901. The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded 103 times to 140 Nobel Prize laureates […]