Newspapers in British India Part 4

Newspapers in British India Part 4 1900 to 1915 O Heraldo O Heraldo was established as the first daily Portuguese newspaper on 21 May 1900 by Aleixo Clemente Messias Gomes in Goa. It was later transformed into an English daily in 1983, by which time […]

Urbanisation and Climate Change

Climate talks as shortchanging international law #GS-03 Climate Change For Mains Developing Countries and Climate Change: There are three problems with the current negotiating process. First, citizens in developed countries are not even aware that two-thirds of their national emissions of carbon dioxide come from […]

PIB Analysis 06-12-22

PIB Analysis 06-12-22 National Bamboo Mission National Bamboo Mission (NBM) was launched during 2018-19 as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme. NBM mainly focuses on the development of complete value chain of Bamboo sector to link growers with consumers starting from planting material, plantation, creation of facilities […]

New Indian Navy Crest

New Indian Navy Crest #GS-01 Indian Heritage and Culture For Prelims New Indian Navy Crest The Hon’ble President of India has approved introduction of a new design for the President’s Standard and Colour and Indian Navy Crest for the Indian Navy, which were unveiled at […]

Square Kilometre Array Observatory

Square Kilometre Array Observatory (SKAO) #GS-03 Science and Technology For Prelims Square Kilometre Array Observatory (SKAO): SKAO is a new intergovernmental organisation dedicated to radio astronomy and is headquartered in the UK. At the moment, organisations from ten countries are a part of the SKAO. […]

Unemployment and the Pandemic

Unemployment and the Pandemic #GS-03 Economic Development For Prelims: Reports of International Labour Organisation (ILO): Global Wage Report 2022-2023: The Impact of inflation and COVID-19 on wages and purchasing power’. This discusses the twin crises, inflation and economic slowdown, which created a “striking fall” in […]

Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act

Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA) #GS-02 Governance For Prelims: Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA) 1976: The FCRA was enacted during the Emergency in 1976 amid rising concerns about foreign powers interfering in India’s affairs by pumping money into the country through independent organisations. The law […]