Rumin8 Context: The start-up, Rumin8, has received funding worth $12 million from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, which Gates created in 2015. How methane is released? The herbivores that chew cud while grazing or browsing are known as ruminant species. Cows, sheep, goats, and buffaloes are examples […]

T+1 Settlement Cycle

T+1 Settlement Cycle Context: After China, India will become the second country in the world to start the ‘trade-plus-one’ (T+1) settlement cycle in top listed securities today (January 27), bringing operational efficiency, faster fund remittances, share delivery, and ease for stock market participants. About: Due […]

India – Egypt Bilateral Relationship

India – Egypt Bilateral Relationship Context: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi of Egypt recently agreed to elevate the India-Egypt bilateral relationship to a “strategic partnership”. Historical Ties: At least since the reign of Emperor Asoka, relations between Egypt and India, two […]

Mughal Gardens

Mughal Gardens Context: The iconic Mughal Gardens at the Rashtrapati Bhavan (President’s House) in Delhi have been renamed. The collective identity of all the gardens at Rashtrapati Bhavan will be ‘Amrit Udyan’. Background: The Mughals were known to value gardens and encouraging gardening. In Babur […]