Carbon trading

Carbon trading #GS 03 Climate Change For Prelims Carbon trading Carbon markets are a tool for reducing carbon emissions by allowing the trade of carbon credits hence making green technology profitable. It is done by establishing trading systems where carbon credits or allowances can be […]


Mohiniyattam #GS 01 Art and Culture For Prelims Mohiniyattam Mohiniattam is one of the classical dance forms of India. Mohiniattam, which belongs to Kerala, takes its name from the mythic enchantress Mohini. The word ‘Mohini’ refers to the charming women avatar of Lord Vishnu- to […]

Dickinsonia fossil in Bhimbetka

Dickinsonia fossil #GS 01 Ancient History, #GS 03 Science and Technology For Prelims Dickinsonia fossil Dickinsonia is Earth’s ‘oldest animal’, dating back 570 million years which typically resembles a bilaterally symmetrical ribbed oval. Dickinsonia is believed to be an animal due to the discovery of […]