Details of the Vande Bharat Express Trains

Details of the Vande Bharat Express Trains: #GS III #Infrastructure related issues  Topic Infrastructure related issues: Context: The two significant semi-high-speed trainset tenders that benefited the Vande Bharat project made significant progress this week. It is predicted that five competitors will fulfil the requirements for […]

About the Anti Defection Act

About the Anti Defection Act: #GS II #Election related issues Topic Election related issues: Context: During a hearing regarding the political conflict between former Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and current Eknath Shinde, the Supreme Court stated that the anti-defection law is applicable even if […]

Details of the S 400 Missiles

Details of the S 400 Missiles: #GS III #Internal Security of India #Science and Technology  Topic Internal Security of India:   Context: According to government sources, the delivery of five regiments of S-400 air defence systems under a $5.43 billion agreement with Russia is anticipated […]


SELF INCRIMINATION: Current situation: As a Delhi court mandated that Manish Sisodia remain in CBI detention until March 4, the Supreme Court recently denied him bail in the excise policy issue. While Sisodia had the option of addressing the High Court under Section 482 of […]

Revolt of 1857 Part 1

Revolt of 1857 Part 1 The Revolt of 1857 or The First War of Indian Independence or Sepoy Mutiny as the Britishers call it is widespread but ultimately unsuccessful armed rebellion against the occupying British East India Company. It began as a revolt of the […]


ADOPT A HERITAGE SCHEME: Context: Private businesses, corporations, and governmental bodies may reach agreements about the adoption and upkeep of state-owned historical sites or monuments. Companies that enter into these contracts are referred to be Monument Mitras. The impending dangers: This project, which was launched […]

About the Gift City

About the Gift City # GS III Indian Economy   Context: The first international educational institutions to establish campuses in GIFT City, Gujarat, will be two Australian government universities: Deakin University and University of Wollongong. Together with former Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist and Australia’s Minister […]