PSLV-C55 Mission

PSLV-C55 Mission   Context: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), which is set to fly the Polar Satellite fly Vehicle C55 (PSLV-C55) mission on April 22, will conduct scientific experiments in orbit by utilising the spent PS4 (PSLV’s fourth and final stage) as an orbital […]

West Asia Diplomacy Shifts

West Asia Diplomacy Shifts Context: Arab countries and Syria have been seeking to repair their lost friendship in recent weeks. Jordan and Egypt recently dispatched Foreign Ministers to Damascus, marking their first high-level trips since the civil conflict began.  Mr Assad visited the United Arab […]

India’s Fighter Jet Conundrum

India’s Fighter Jet Conundrum Context: The IAF currently has 31 fighter squadrons, as opposed to the sanctioned strength of 42. The 83 Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) — MK1A, LCA-MK2, and MRFA — carry the most of the weight in halting the drawdown and ensuring that […]