India-Russia Trade Halted.

India-Russia Trade Halted. Context: After months of negotiations that failed to persuade Moscow to maintain rupees in its coffers, India and Russia have given up on attempts to settle bilateral commerce in the currency. Points to Ponder: According to two Indian government officials and a […]

SCO Ministers To Discuss Economic Ties

SCO Ministers To Discuss Economic Ties Context: As Indian External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar met with Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang here on Thursday, they held a “detailed” discussion on bilateral relations, but the unresolved three-year-old military standoff at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) […]

Shoot-At-Sight Order Issued In Manipur

Shoot-At-Sight Order Issued In Manipur Context: As escalating ethnic violence following a tribal solidarity march forced over 9,000 people from their homes in the State, the Manipur government on Thursday issued a shoot-at-sight order in “extreme cases”. Points to Ponder: Following ethnic violence that broke […]

US-SouthKorea Nuclear Deterrence Agreement

US-SouthKorea Nuclear Deterrence Agreement Context:  President Yoon Suk Yeol of South Korea arrived in the United States on April 25 to mark the 70th anniversary of bilateral ties between the two countries. By allying with an extended nuclear deterrence plan against North Korea’s regional aggressiveness, […]

 LIGO: A Wider Window To The Universe

 LIGO: A Wider Window To The Universe Context: Building LIGO-India is a step forward for gravitational wave research and the global advancement of science that is interdisciplinary. Points to Ponder Massive events like black hole mergers, supernova explosions, and neutron star collisions produce gravitational waves, […]

Indian Aviation: Industry Drowning

Indian Aviation: Industry Drowning Context: The owners of Go First declaring bankruptcy is part of a well-known aviation story in India: of grave flaws in the industry. Points to Ponder: The article discusses Go First, an Indian airline owned by the Wadia Group, declaring insolvency […]