One-Stop Centres For Zero Waste

One-Stop Centres For Zero Waste  Context: The government will open one-stop sites where individuals may drop off discarded clothing, shoes, books, toys, and plastic that can be recycled or repurposed to reduce trash output in metropolitan India. Points to Ponder: The initiative’s goal is to […]

On Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

On Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Context: According to the PoSH Act, sexual harassment includes unwanted behaviours such unwanted physical contact and approaches, demands for sexual favours, showing pornography, making sexually charged comments, and other unwanted behaviours that are physical, verbal, or nonverbal in character. […]

The Rights Of The Accused

The Rights Of The Accused Context: The highest court’s ruling requesting that its Ritu Chhabaria case verdict be recalled would violate key elements of criminal procedure. Points to Ponder: Right, to default bail: Accused people have the option to be released if the investigating party […]