China Constructing Model Villages

China Constructing Model Villages Context: Along the LAC, other Xiaokang villages are being built, including one in the Chumbi valley that faces the strategically significant Siliguri corridor. Points to Ponder: In the Middle East and Eastern sectors, China is enlarging its network of model villages, […]

Why Do Judges Recuse Themselves?

Why Do Judges Recuse Themselves? Context: A judge can step down from a case where there is a potential conflict of interest in order to avoid the appearance of prejudice in the decision-making process. Recusals can be automatic, in which case the judge withdraws from […]

An Ordinance, Its Constitutionality, And Scrutiny

An Ordinance, Its Constitutionality, And Scrutiny Context: If the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Ordinance, 2023 is challenged, the Union of India is unlikely to be successful in seizing control of “services” in Delhi.The Delhi State Government, which is elected, will have […]

Sri Lanka’s Malaiyaha Tamils

Sri Lanka’s Malaiyaha Tamils Context: The Institute of Social Development, an NGO that works to address issues affecting Malaiyaha Tamils, organised the event in an effort to draw attention to the community’s long history of struggle and to call for long-overdue answers to their persistent […]