7th Economic Census Fieldwork

7th Economic Census Fieldwork Context: The fieldwork for the 7th Economic Census has been successfully concluded. Relevance: GS-02 (Governance) What is the Economic Census? The Economic Census is a comprehensive survey of the Indian economy that involves the enumeration of all entrepreneurial units across the […]

Global Goal on Adaptation

Global Goal on Adaptation Context: The 28th COP meeting of the UNFCCC marked a pivotal moment by addressing the lax international stance on adaptation. COP28’s adoption of the Global Goal on Adaptation (GGA) framework signals an increased emphasis on adaptation, particularly in the face of […]

 India’s Sovereign Debt Debate

 India’s Sovereign Debt Debate Context: The recent discourse surrounding India’s sovereign debt, as assessed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has stirred considerable debate. A response from the Finance Ministry aims to provide clarity and address potential misinterpretations regarding the assessment, highlighting key aspects of […]