Clean City Awards 2023

Clean City Awards 2023 Context: Recently, the Swachh Survekshan awards were given away by President Droupadi Murmu. Relevance: GS – 02, GS – 03 (Health, Welfare Schemes, Urbanization, Growth & Development) Key Highlights: Cleanest Cities: Surat in Gujarat and Indore in Madhya Pradesh jointly declared […]


AstroSat Context: AstroSat, India’s premier multi-wavelength space-based observatory, has recently identified a millisecond burst emanating from a novel neutron star with an exceptionally high magnetic field, known as a magnetar. This discovery holds the potential to deepen our comprehension of these celestial bodies and the […]

Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen Context: Recently, the Union Minister for New & Renewable Energy and Power has provided an update on the current status of green hydrogen adoption in the country. Relevance: GS-03 (Economy) Main highlights: The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is executing the National […]

Are antibiotics over-prescribed in India?

Are antibiotics over-prescribed in India? Context: Recently, the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) conducted a survey of approximately 10,000 hospital patients which revealed a shocking data that nearly half of them were prescribed antibiotics for preventive rather than treatment purposes. The survey, conducted across […]

The Indian Parliament

The Indian Parliament Context: The breach of security in the Indian Parliament in December 2023, marked by disruptive actions, suspensions, and a tense standoff between the ruling party and the Opposition, warrants a careful review of the state of India’s parliamentary system—one of the foundational […]