Cabinet approves three New Semiconductor Units

Cabinet approves three New Semiconductor Units Context: Recently, the Cabinet Approved – Three New Semiconductor Units. Relevance: GS-02 (Government policies & interventions), GS-03(Growth and Development) Key highlights: Semiconductor Fab in Dholera, Gujarat To be established by Tata Electronics Private Limited in collaboration with Powerchip Semiconductor […]

Wound Dressing Utilizing Banana Fibres

Wound Dressing Utilizing Banana Fibres Context: Innovative Wound Dressing Utilizing Banana Fibres Developed by Indian Researchers Relevance: GS-03 (Science and technology, Innovations) Highlights: Researchers from the Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology (IASST), operating under the Department of Science and Technology, have engineered […]

India’s Research and Development (R&D)

India’s Research and Development (R&D) Context: National Science Day, celebrated every year on February 28th, commemorates the discovery of the Raman Effect by Indian physicist Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, while also paying tribute to the invaluable contributions of scientists towards India’s advancement. Relevance: GS-02 GS-03 (Government […]

Interpreting India’s GDP Growth

Interpreting India’s GDP Growth Context: Recently, National Statistical Office (NSO) released the latest GDP data showing a robust 8.4% year-on-year growth in real GDP for October-December quarter. Some economists express surprise and skepticism regarding the significant differences between official estimates and their projections. Relevance: GS-02 […]