Green Steel

Green Steel Context: Steel Ministry is formulating a comprehensive green steel policy to reduce carbon emissions in steel production. Relevance: GS-02 GS-03 (Government Policies & Interventions, Environmental Pollution & Degradation, Growth & Development) Key Highlights: The policy aims to define the manufacturing process, skill-set requirements, […]

Laser Cooling of Positronium

Laser Cooling of Positronium Context: The AEgIS collaboration has achieved the laser cooling of Positronium, a short-lived atom that holds immense significance in quantum research. Relevance: GS-03 (Science and technology) Facts for Prelims: Positronium: Positronium (Ps) is a system consisting of an electron and its […]

Heat Waves

Heat Waves Context: India is about to witness an above-average heat wave conditions during this summer, as announced by the India Meteorological Department (IMD). Relevance: GS-01 GS-03 (Geophysical Phenomena, Climate Change) Facts for Prelims: Heat Index: It is a measure of how hot it feels […]

Enforcement Directorate

Enforcement Directorate Context: Recently, a Magistrate Court in Delhi had remanded the Chief Minister of Delhi to the custody of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) regarding the Excise Policy Case. Relevance: GS-02 GS-03 (Government Policies & Interventions, Money Laundering) Legal provisions: While the Indian Constitution doesn’t […]