Smart City Projects Update: 73% Completed

Smart City Projects Update: 73% Completed

73% of Smart City Projects Completed


The government said on Tuesday that 73% of the projects have been finished and that more than 90% of the monies allotted for the Smart Cities Mission (SCM) have already been used. According to information provided to a Parliamentary Consultative Committee by Union Urban Affairs Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, a total of 38,400 crore had been released as of May 1 and 35,261 crore had been used.

Points to Ponder:

  • The utilisation of money: As of May 1, a total of 38,400 crores had been released under the SCM, and more than 35,261 crores of those funds had been used.
  • Project completion: Of the 7,800 projects totalling 1.8 billion rupees under the SCM, 5,700 projects costing 1.1 billion rupees have been finished as of this writing, or around 73%.
  • By June 30, 2024, the government hopes to have finished all outstanding projects.
  • Extension: Last month, the Smart Cities Mission was given a year extension, demonstrating the government’s dedication to the initiative.
  • Overall development: Only 22 of the 100 communities chosen for the mission have finished all of the projects ordered under the SCM. This implies that development varies amongst cities.
  • Monitoring and reporting: An Apex Committee led by the Secretary of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs oversees the SCM’s implementation. Through the Real Time Geographical Management Information System, they deliver frequent progress updates.
  • Collaboration and advice: To encourage cooperation among stakeholders, the city-level Smart City Advisory Forum (SCAF) was established. Smart cities have had more than 756 SCAF meetings.
  • Each smart city has a unique Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), which has been developed. The Smart City development initiatives must be planned, evaluated, approved, implemented, managed, operated, monitored, and evaluated by the SPV.