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  • Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. developed the Hindustan 228-201 LW aeroplane. An updated version of the aircraft has now been given approval by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) (HAL).
  • This type of the Hindustan 228-201 LW aircraft has a maximum take-off weight of 5,695 kg with 19 passengers, according to the defence PSU with its Bangalore headquarters.

Regarding the HAL:

  • Bangalore serves as the corporate headquarters for Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), a state-owned aerospace and defence firm in India.
  • HAL is one of the oldest and biggest aerospace and defence corporations in the modern era. It was started on December 23, 1940.
  • With the licenced production of the Harlow PC-5, Curtiss P-36 Hawk, and Vultee A-31 Vengeance for the Indian Air Force, HAL started producing aircraft in 1942.
  • Nowadays, HAL has 11 specific Research and Development (R&D) centres, 21 manufacturing divisions, and 4 manufacturing facilities in India.
  • The Board of Directors at HAL is chosen by the Indian President on behalf of the Indian Government through the Ministry of Defence.
  • HAL now works on the design, development, and manufacturing of fighter jets, helicopters, jet engines, marine gas turbine engines, avionics, software, the provision of spare parts, and the refurbishing and modernization of Indian military aircraft.
  • The first indigenous fighter created in India was the HAL HF-24 Marut fighter-bomber.


  • On December 23, 1940, Walchand Hirachand founded Hindustan Aircraft Company in Bangalore in collaboration with the then-Kingdom of Mysore.
  • The organization’s chairman is Walchand Hirachand.
  • By April 1941, the Indian Government had acquired a third of the company.
  • The corporation’s management was given to the Indian government in 1947, the year of India’s independence.
  • When Hindustan Aircraft Limited joined the partnership established in June by the IAF Aircraft Manufacturing Depot, Kanpur, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) was established on October 1 of that year.


Source  The Hindu