Advanced Aerospace Simulation

Advanced Aerospace Simulation


PraVaHa, developed by ISRO’s Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, is a cutting-edge Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software designed specifically for aerospace applications.

  • It enables comprehensive analysis of aerodynamic and aerothermal loads on various aerospace vehicles, including launch vehicles and re-entry vehicles.

GS-03 (Science and technology)

Key highlights:

  • Versatility in Simulations: This software has the capability to simulate both external and internal flows on a wide range of aerospace vehicles, including winged and non-winged re-entry vehicles. Its versatility makes it invaluable for conducting aerodynamic design studies and evaluating numerous configurations during the initial stages of vehicle development.
  • Critical for Aerodynamic Design: Understanding airflow dynamics around aircraft, rocket bodies, and crew modules during launch or re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere is crucial for designing the shape, structure, and Thermal Protection System (TPS) required to ensure the vehicle’s safety and performance.
  • Addressing Unsteady Aerodynamics: PraVaHa addresses the challenges posed by unsteady aerodynamics, which can lead to significant flow issues and acoustic noise during missions. By numerically solving the equations of conservation of mass, momentum, and energy, along with the equation of state, PraVaHa accurately predicts aerodynamic and aerothermal loads.
  • Application in Human-Rated Launch Vehicles: PraVaHa has played a pivotal role in the Gaganyaan program, particularly in the aerodynamic analysis of human-rated launch vehicles such as HLVM3, Crew Escape System (CES), and Crew Module (CM). Its usage underscores its reliability and importance in ensuring the safety and success of crewed space missions.
  • Ongoing Development: ISRO is continuously enhancing PraVaHa’s capabilities, including validations for simulating the effects of chemical reactions during air dissociation and combustion, particularly relevant for Earth re-entry and scramjet vehicles. This commitment to ongoing development ensures that PraVaHa remains at the forefront of aerospace simulation technology.