Amendments to Electricity (Rights of Consumers) Rules

Amendments to Electricity (Rights of Consumers) Rules


The Government of India has approved amendments to the Electricity (Rights of Consumers) Rules, 2020. Issuing the amendments, the Union Minister for Power and New & Renewable Energy Shri R. K. Singh stated that these amendments further reduce the timeline for getting new electricity connections and that they simplify the process of setting up rooftop solar installations.


GS-02 (Government policies and interventions)

Key highlights:

  • Reduced Timeline for New Connections: The amendments further shorten the timeline for obtaining new electricity connections, making the process more efficient.
  • Simplified Rooftop Solar Installation: The rules simplify the process of setting up rooftop solar installations, promoting renewable energy adoption. Provisions include exemptions for technical feasibility studies for systems up to 10 kW capacity and a reduced timeline for larger systems.
  • Empowerment of Consumers in Multistoried Flats: Consumers in multistoried flats now have the freedom to choose their connection type, along with separate billing for common areas and backup generators in residential societies.
  • Check Meters for Consumer Complaints: Distribution companies are now required to install check meters to verify electricity consumption in case of consumer complaints, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Connections: Consumers can now obtain separate electricity connections specifically for charging their Electric Vehicles (EVs), supporting the transition to sustainable transportation.
  • These amendments aim to promote consumer rights, simplify processes, and facilitate the adoption of renewable energy solutions, contributing to a more efficient and sustainable electricity ecosystem.