Arab Trains To Carry Indian Goods


Indian goods would eventually be transported by Arab train networks to the Israeli port of Haifa, according to Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen in New Delhi.

Points to Ponder:

  • At the India-Israel Business Forum in New Delhi, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen declared that future Arab railroad networks would transport Indian commodities to the Israeli port of Haifa.
  • Mr Cohen indicated support for both the signing of an India-Israel Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and an increase in the number of Indian workers in Israel.
  • He outlined a plan for regional connectivity and trade between Israel, Gulf Arab nations, and India, with commodities from India being shipped by train to Arab ports before being supplied to European markets via Israel’s Haifa port.
  • The future of connectivity initiatives in India’s West Asian area may be shaped by this vision of regional trade and connectivity.

With both countries gearing up for a potential visit from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to India, Mr Cohen’s trips to Delhi and Mumbai are seen as a continuation of the expanding interactions between India and Israel.