current affairs - 2023-10-21

‘Army held over 400 meetings with civil society groups’


An official stated that in an effort to restore order to Manipur, which has been rocked by violence, the Army and the Assam Rifles held more than 400 security talks with village heads, shopkeepers, and members of civil society during the previous two months.

What is the background behind the issue in Manipur?

  • Ethnic violence that started in May 2023 is the problem in Manipur. The predominantly Christian Kukis and the primarily Hindu Meiteis are two of the state’s three largest ethnic groupings and the source of the violence. At least 180 people have died as a result of the violence, and thousands more have been displaced. 
  • Anger between the two factions is the main source of the violence. The May violence was allegedly sparked by false accusations that Kuki militiamen had sexually assaulted a Meitei woman, according to the local media. 
  • Violence has resulted in: 
    • Claims of extrajudicial executions, forced relocation, house demolition, sexual assault, torture, and maltreatment
    • The state splitting up according to ethnicity
    • More than 3,050 hours were lost when the internet was down.

What are the activities conducted the army to bring normalacy back to Manipur?

  • Security meetings :Over 400 security meetings were held in the last two months by the Army and the Assam Rifles. Village chiefs, shopkeepers, and civil society organizations were all involved in these sessions. Restoring normalcy in the areas impacted by violence was the goal.
  • Interactions with Displaced People: In Manipur’s hill and valley regions, there were over 250 interactions with internally displaced people (IDPs). These exchanges centered on settling complaints by means of ongoing communication with civil administration and the provision of necessities.
  • Return of Displaced People: It has been reported that over 500 residents of Phougakchao Ikhai, a Meitei-populated area in Bishnupur district, who had been living in relief camps, have returned home as a consequence of the efforts.
  • Conservation Efforts: In an effort to promote conservation, the Army, police, and residents who had just returned from relief camps planted 1,000 seedlings in Phougakchao Ikhai on October 16. In the hopes and prayers of an early restoration of peace to the area, this was done.
  • Medical Camps: To offer healthcare services to the people of Manipur, more than 400 medical camps were set up around the state.
  • Youth Engagement: By planning different sporting events, security personnel have been interacting with young people. Important lessons are intended to be learned from these incidents, like how crucial it is to abstain from drugs and violence.


The Army and Assam Rifles are making these efforts as part of a larger plan to deal with Manipur’s security and humanitarian issues, especially in light of the continuous violence and displacement.