Army in Arunachal Pradesh Receives Modern Artillery

Army in Arunachal Pradesh Receives Modern Artillery

About the weapons delivered:

Sig Sauer rifles:

  • The SIG Sauer SIG716i is a semi-automatic rifle manufactured by SIG Sauer. It is an AR-15 style rifle using 7.62x51mm NATO type bullets and has an effective range of 600m.
Negev Light Machine Guns (LMG):
  • The Negev is a gas-operated selective fire light machine gun that uses propellant gases from the barrel to cycle a short-stroke gas piston operating system under the barrel and a rotary bolt locking mechanism. It uses the 7.62×51mm NATO cartridge.
Carl Gustaf-Mk3 84 mm rocket launchers:
  • The Carl Gustaf 84 mm recoilless rifle is a Swedish developed 84 mm caliber man-portable shoulder-fired recoilless rifle.
M777 Ultra-Light Howitzers:
  • The M777 howitzer is a towed 155 mm artillery piece in the howitzer class manufactured by BAE Systems’ Global Combat Systems division.
Chinook Heavy Lift Helicopters:
  • The Boeing CH-47F(I) Chinook is a tandem rotor helicopter developed by American rotorcraft company Vertol and manufactured by Boeing Vertol.
Articulated All-Terrain Vehicles:
  • Articulated All-Terrain Vehicle is a twin cabin, tracked, amphibious carrier for off road mobility. The special design of this equipment exerts low ground pressure on the soil and a pull-push mode of locomotion between two cabins facilitates mobility over varied terrains like snow, desert and slush.
About Rest of Arunachal Pradesh (RALP):
  • RALP is used by the Indian Army to refer to the area in Arunachal Pradesh other than the Kameng area. Other than the Kameng area consisting of East and West Kameng districts, the rest of the State is referred to by the Army as the RALP.
  • The build-up of Chinese infrastructure development and troop build-up in the Rest of the Arunachal Pradesh (RALP) area is a matter of grave concern for India.

   Source The Hindu

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