Army’s Project Udbhav to tap indigenous military knowledge

current affairs - 2023-10-22

Army’s Project Udbhav to tap indigenous military knowledge


Defence Minister Rajnath Singh announced on Saturday the commencement of Project Udbhav, an ambitious initiative to build an “indigenous strategic vocabulary” anchored in India’s “philosophy and culture” and integrate the country’s “ancient strategic acumen” into the modern military sphere.

What is Project Udbhav?

  • The Indian government has initiated an ambitious program called Project Udbhav, which aims to incorporate the country’s old strategic expertise and cultural heritage into the modern military sphere. 
  • The objective of the initiative is to create an indigenous strategic vocabulary that is based on Indian culture and philosophy. 
  • The United Service Institution of India (USI), a think tank for military services, and the Indian Army are working together on it. 
  • Project Udbhav aims to combine cutting-edge military techniques with age-old knowledge to provide a distinctive and comprehensive solution to today’s security issues.

What are the objectives of the Project Udbhav?

  • Integration of Ancient Knowledge: The project’s goal is to incorporate strategic thinking and ancient Indian knowledge into current military operations.
  • Multidisciplinary Research: The goal of this research is to investigate and comprehend the strategic thought, statecraft, and warfare of ancient India through multidisciplinary research.
  • Improving Military Training: The project aims to provide a greater grasp of India’s strategic culture by integrating knowledge from ancient Indian literature and sources into military training courses.
  • Knowledge Distribution: To distribute the knowledge gained, Project Udbhav organizes workshops, leadership seminars, and events. The results are then published and documented for broader distribution and reference.
  • Partnership with USI: The United Service Institution of India (USI), which is instrumental in planning and executing the project, is partnered with the project.
  • Emphasis on India’s Cultural and Philosophical Heritage: Project Udbhav highlights the importance of comprehending contemporary military tactics by utilizing ancient works like Thirukkural’s and Chanakya’s Arthashastra.
  • Integrating Ethical and Diplomatic Principles: The project focuses on how ancient Indian teachings can be applied to modern military codes of ethics and international cooperation, as well as ethical behaviour in battle and strategic alliances.
  • Indigenous Strategic Vocabulary: The ultimate objective is to establish an indigenous strategic lexicon that is based on Indian philosophy and culture. This will enable a distinctive and all-encompassing approach to addressing contemporary security concerns.

What are the benefits of this project?

  • Cultural and Philosophical Enrichment: By incorporating age-old knowledge with contemporary military tactics, the project contributes to the preservation and promotion of India’s rich cultural and philosophical legacy. It emphasizes how important this cultural knowledge will always be.
  • comprehensive Approach to Security: Project Udbhav provides a comprehensive approach to tackling current security concerns by fusing traditional and modern strategic thinking. It improves the military’s comprehension of intricate security matters.
  • Specialized Strategic Terminology: The creation of a native strategic terminology based on Indian philosophy and culture offers a special framework for handling security and military-related concerns. It can support creative, situation-specific solutions.
  • Improved Military Training: By adding insights from ancient Indian writings to the military training curriculum, military personnel can gain a deeper awareness of strategic culture and historical views. Their capacity for leadership and decision-making may be enhanced by this.


In summary, the goal of Project Udbhav is to close the knowledge gap that exists between modern military tactics and India’s traditional strategic knowledge. It emphasizes the value of India’s cultural and philosophical history in tackling contemporary security concerns and enhancing military education through in-depth research, workshops, and educational initiatives.