Oncologist Ravi Kannan Wins 2023 Magsaysay Award

Oncologist Ravi Kannan Wins 2023 Magsaysay Award

Assam-based Oncologist Ravi Kannan Wins the 2023 Ramon Magsaysay Award


One of the 2023 recipients of the Ramon Magsaysay prize is the surgical oncologist R. Ravi Kannan, Director of the Cachar Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (CCHRC) in Assam.

He is credited with transforming cancer care in Assam by focusing on individuals and supporting the underprivileged.

What is the Ramon Magsaysay Award?

  • The Ramon Magsaysay Award was established as an annual prize to recognize Asian people and organizations for their great contributions to their societies. 
  • The Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation founded the prize in 1957 and gave it his name in honour of Ramon Magsaysay, the third president of the Philippines. 
  • Magsaysay was renowned for his outstanding management abilities and commitment to public service.

What are the features of this award?

  • Geographic Focus: The prize emphasizes contributions and accomplishments mostly within the Asian continent. It has honoured people and institutions from different Asian nations.
  • Multiple Categories: The award is given out in a variety of categories to reflect the wide range of industries and fields where exceptional achievements can be made. These divisions have expanded over time to include a wide range of human activity.
  • Selection Process: The award winners are chosen through a thorough selection process that involves nominations, a board of trustees’ in-depth study, and a panel of judges’ deliberations. The emphasis was placed on the winners’ contributions to their communities and cultures during the selection process.
  • Honouring a Legacy: The Ramon Magsaysay Award not only recognizes the winners, but also pays homage to President Ramon Magsaysay’s legacy, who was renowned for his honesty, straightforwardness, and commitment to the well-being of the populace.
  • Award Ceremony: To commemorate President Magsaysay’s birth anniversary, an annual award ceremony is held in the Philippines in late August. The winners are given a medal, a certificate, and a monetary award.
  • Achievements That Make a Difference: Recipients of the Ramon Magsaysay Award are honoured for their transformative and admirable efforts that serve as models for how people and institutions can improve their societies and encourage others to follow in their footsteps.

Who are the prominent personalities to win the award in the past?

  • Acharya Vinoba Bhave
  • C D Deshmukh
  • Amitabh Chowdhury
  • Mother Teresa
  • M S Subbalakshmi
  • B G Verghese
  • Sambhu Mitra
  • Ela R Bhatt
  • Mabelle R Arole
  • Rajnikant S Arole
  • Pramod Karan Sethi
  • Gour Kishore Ghosh

Who won the award in the year 2023 and what was the reason?

  • In the world of surgical oncology and medicine, Dr. R. Ravi Kannan, Director of the Cachar Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (CCHRC) in Assam, is well-known. He received the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2023 for his substantial achievements in the treatment of cancer and his commitment to delivering patient-centred and pro-poor healthcare services