Bharat 5G Portal Launch

Bharat 5G Portal Launch


The Secretary of the Department of Telecommunications introduced the Bharat 5G Portal.


GS-02 (Government policies and interventions)

Key highlights:

  • The Bharat 5G Portal was unveiled during the Bharat Telecom 2024 expo.
  • It is an integrated platform that provides a one-stop solution for all quantum, IPR, PoCs/Pilot, 5G, and 6G-related works.
  • It was launched by the Secretary, Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, during the Bharat Telecom 2024 expo in January 2024.
  • It encompasses academic research and development advancements, industry standards, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), startups/MSMEs, and subject matter experts.

The goals of the portal are to:

  • Enhance India’s 5G capabilities.
  • Promote innovation, collaboration, and knowledge exchange within the telecommunications industry.
  • Catalog academic research and development progress, industry norms, OEMs, startups/MSMEs, and subject matter experts.
  • Speed up research in the development of the 6G ecosystem.