Bharat Pashudhan Livestock Data Stack: Revolutionizing Livestock Management


The Prime Minister recently inaugurated the Bharat Pashudhan Livestock Data Stack, a groundbreaking initiative in livestock management.

GS-02 (Government policies and interventions)

Key Features:

  • Data Upload and Monitoring: Field workers can upload crucial information on animal transactions, including vaccinations, inseminations, registrations, and health records, in real-time using unique animal ID numbers or Pashu Aadhaar. Over 15.5 crore entries have been uploaded already, with approximately 16 lakh entries being added daily.
  • Pashu Aadhaar Integration: The data stack facilitates the establishment of Pashu Aadhaar, enabling the consolidation of service records for each animal.
  • API Sharing and Convergence: The design allows API sharing within the framework of the National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy (NDSAP), enabling state governments to integrate the data with their own datasets for disease surveillance and early warning systems.
  • Adoption by Large Farms and Organizations: Large farms and organizations can utilize the stack for internal operations, integrating IoT devices for enhanced efficiency.
  • Pashupalak App: Empowers farmers by providing access to various livestock-related schemes and services, along with essential information such as contact details of technicians, availability of semen straws, educational videos, and community features.


  • Organizational Consolidation: Addresses the current disorganized state of the livestock sector, promoting streamlined growth.
  • Economic Impact: With a GVA share of 5% and a growth rate of 7.93%, the livestock sector plays a crucial role in the rural economy, with a market size of Rs 15.63 lakh crore.
  • Overall, the Bharat Pashudhan Livestock Data Stack promises to revolutionize livestock management, promoting efficiency, transparency, and economic growth in the sector.