What Is Bio Computers?

What Is Bio Computers?

Bio Computers:

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  • The innovative new field of study “organoid intelligence,” which has just been unveiled by academics at Johns Hopkins University, aims to create “biocomputers” (JHU). These “biocomputers” link actual sensors and input/output gadgets to laboratory-made brain cultures. Researchers hope that the tool will help them better understand the biological underpinnings of human cognition, learning, and a number of neurological illnesses.


  • The purpose of developing specialised microcomputers known as “biological computers” was for use in the healthcare sector.
  • A biological computer is an implantable device that is primarily used for molecular or cellular activities like monitoring body activity or providing therapeutic effects.
  • This is composed of proteins, DNA, and RNA, and it is also capable of carrying out basic mathematical operations.
  • This would make it possible for the researcher to create a system or group of biosensors that can locate or concentrate on particular cell types that might be present in the patient’s body.
  • Also, this might be utilised to carry out or execute target-specific medical operations that could deliver recommended medical procedures or therapies for illnesses.

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