Arc report:

The Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) Reports are vital documents from the UPSC civil services exam perspective. They contain a lot of facts and information essential for the IAS Exam covering topics of public administration, governance, ethics in civil services, conflict resolution, etc. Even though highly beneficial, most aspirants skip reading the ARC reports due to their bulk, which is a big mistake as such reports and articles provides us ample fodder for our mains answer

The ARC or the Administrative Reforms Commission was set up by the Government of India to review the public administration system and give its recommendations. Hence the reports  are called the ARC reports.

The first ARC (1966) was headed by Morarji Desai initially and later by K. Hanumanthaiah. The second ARC constituted in 2005 was chaired by Veerappa Moily.

The ARC reports contains a lot of information for the UPSC mains exam. These reports are useful for all IAS aspirants, not just for those with public administration as the optional subject. These reports are indeed bulky and hence, UPSC aspirants find it difficult to read them from cover to cover. It is recommended that aspirants read at least a summary of the available reports.  The reports are available online in the ARC official website for free.

Subject  Name of the Book  Author/Publication 
POLITY AND CONSTITUTION OF INDIA  Constitution of India at Work Indian Polity  NCERT Publication Laxmikanth 
GOVERNANCE  From Government to Governance Ethics in Governance  Kuldeep Mathur ARC Report 
DEVELOPMENTAL ISSUES  Human Development Report & World Development Report Panchayati Raj in India News papers/Magazines    Kuldeep Mathur The Hindu/Indian Express Yojana Magazine 
INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS  India’s Foreign Policy Since Independence Newspapers   V.P. Dutt The Hindu / Indian Express