Budgetary Allocation to MEA: An Overview

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Budgetary Allocation to MEA



  • The Budget has allocated funds for projects related to Afghanistan.
  • The Ministry of External Affairs will have ₹200 crore to spend on Afghanistan.
  • The MEA will also dedicate ₹600 crore for Myanmar which is currently reeling from a civil war since the military coup of February 2021.
  • Bhutan, as usual has received the biggest allocation of ₹2,266.24 crore.





  • India does not have a diplomatic presence in Kabul where its embassy has remained shuttered since the Taliban took over the country in August. 
  • India has showcased its assistance to Afghanistan as aid-oriented and focused on development projects. 
  • Over the last two months India had sent several consignments of medicine and humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.
  • A large-scale wheat consignment is expected to be delivered to Afghanistan in the coming weeks.
  • The allocation for Afghanistan is expected to be spent on similar assistance during the year.
  • The allocation for Myanmar continues unchanged as the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) had received similar allocation last year for the country. 
  • India has maintained diplomatic contacts with the trouble-torn country. 
  • MEA’s allocation for Mongolia, the northern neighbour of China had significantly increased from ₹2 crore to ₹12 crore.
  • The second highest recipient of the allocation will be Mauritius which has an allocation of ₹900 crore.
  • The MEA, which is aiming to open new embassies in several locations in Africa, has an increased budget of ₹250 crore for the continent.
  • The Ministry will get ₹300 crore and ₹750 crore respectively for Bangladesh and Nepal.



Way Forward:

  • The Republic of India, has diplomatic relations with 201 states around the globe, having 199 missions and posts operating globally while plans to open new missions in 2020-21 hosted by 11 UN Member States.
  • The Ministry of External Affairs (India)(MEA), also known as the Foreign Ministry, is the government agency responsible for the conduct of foreign relations of India.
  • India which has having troubles in the borders and in the maritime sector as well needs to have friendly relations with its neighbours as well as other countries throughout the world.

Source: THE HINDU.