In 2019, the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs proposed a renovation proposal for Central Vista.

  • The plan calls for the construction of a triangular Parliament building adjacent to the current one.
  • Creating a Central Secretariat for the Common Good.
  • The 3-kilometer-long Rajpath between Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate is being remodeled.
  • The North and South Blocks will be turned into museums.


The government’s case for redeveloping Central Vista is as follows:


  • The amenities and infrastructure of the Parliament building are insufficient to satisfy current demand.
  • The Central Government’s offices are dispersed around the country, causing inter-departmental coordination issues and unnecessary travel, which contributes to congestion and pollution.
  • The majority of the existing structures have reached the end of their useful lives.


About the Lutyens Zone:


  • In December 1911, King George V announced in the Delhi Durbar (grand assembly) that India’s capital will be relocated from Calcutta to Delhi.
  • The Delhi Durbar was held to commemorate King George V’s coronation.
  • Edwin Lutyens, noted for his strong dedication to European Classicism, and Herbert Baker, a prominent architect in South Africa, were tasked with designing a new city.
  • The Union buildings in Pretoria, South Africa, were also designed by Herbert Baker.
  • Lutyens and Baker collaborated on the design of Parliament House.
  • Edwin Lutyens designed Rashtrapati Bhavan.
  • Herbert Baker designed the Secretariat, which contains both the north and south blocks.

Source: THE HINDU.