Centre and WHO to Launch Global Initiative on Digital Health

Centre and WHO to Launch Global Initiative on Digital Health

Centre and WHO to Launch Global Initiative on Digital Health


In conjunction with the upcoming G-20 conference in Gandhinagar, India and the World Health Organization (WHO) will introduce the Global Initiative on Digital Health on Saturday.

Data Convergence:

  • The project’s main goal is to compile health-related data from numerous sources around the world.
  • The objective is to develop a comprehensive understanding of global health trends, enabling better understanding and decision-making.
  • Data fusion can make it easier to spot patterns, inequities, and health issues.

Health Platform Interface:

  • The program attempts to increase the compatibility and interoperability of various digital health Platforms.
  • This entails developing standardized technologies and protocols that allow information to flow freely between various platforms.
  • Improved interoperability makes sure that healthcare systems can collaborate effectively, improving healthcare outcomes.

Funding for Digital Health:

  • The project aims to promote global investments in the field of digital health.
  • Governments, international organizations, businesses, and other stakeholders may offer this help.
  • The creativity, research, and development of digital health technology can be fueled by increased investments.

Interim Medical Countermeasures (MCM):

  • The “network of networks approach” is emphasized at the summit as a strategy for handling medical emergencies.
  • To respond to health crises more successfully, this strategy requires coordinating diverse health networks, organizations, and resources.
  • Countries can better plan for and respond to new health concerns by establishing a coordinated system.

A worldwide digital platform:

  • The idea comprises building a multi-faceted worldwide digital platform.
  • Tracks and monitors investments made worldwide in digital health programs and projects.
  • Ask Tracker: Assists in determining the precise goods and services required in various areas for efficient healthcare delivery.
  • Information regarding current digital health platforms and solutions is gathered in the Library of Existing Digital Health Platforms, encouraging cooperation and knowledge-sharing.

Universal Health Convergence:

  • It is anticipated that the adoption of digital health innovations and solutions would aid in the realization of universal health coverage.
  • Global population health can be improved by expanding access to healthcare services, diagnoses, and treatments.

Data Security

  • India’s data policy places a strong emphasis on the ownership of citizens’ data.
  • Data security and privacy are given top priority by the worldwide data-sharing platform.
  • Without jeopardizing the privacy of individual users, the platform focuses on exchanging analyses, insights, and interoperability solutions.

Climate and Health Initiative:

  •  In association with the Asian Development Bank, the summit seeks to launch a Climate and Health Initiative.
  • This effort promotes resilience and adaptation methods by addressing the relationship between climate change and its effects on health.


In conclusion, the Global Initiative on Digital Health seeks to strengthen global healthcare capacities, increase health outcomes, and better prepare for health emergencies by utilizing digital technology, collaboration, and data sharing.