Centre floats new science awards

Centre floats new science awards

Centre floats new science awards


The Union government is about to launch the Rashtriya Vigyan Puraskar, 56 prizes to honour scientists, technicians, and inventors. This comes nearly a year after the Union government decided to reduce the number of prizes annually presented by its Ministries. 

Rashtriya Vigyan Puraskar (RVP)

  • The Rashtriya Vigyan Puraskar (RVP), a collection of 56 honours, is being established by the Indian government.
  • These honours are intended to recognize scientists, technologists, and creators across a range of scientific and technological disciplines.

Award Categories:

  • The four categories for the RVP awards are as follows:
    • For outstanding lifetime contributions to science in any subject, three Vigyan Ratna awards will be given.
    • 25 Vigyan Shri awards are given out for outstanding work in any discipline.
    • 25 Vigyan Yuva-Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar awards for exceptional contributions by young scientists.
    • Three Vigyan Team prizes will be given out for the researchers’ outstanding work.

Fields Covered:

The awards will cover a broad spectrum of technological and scientific fields, including physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer science, earth science, medicine, engineering, agriculture, environmental science, technology and innovation, atomic energy, space science and technology, and a 13th category known as “others.”

Inclusion and Representation:

  • With a focus on ensuring adequate representation of women among the recipients, the proposal highlights the need for diversified representation across areas and genders.

Limits on Age:

  • The majority of the awards have no upper age limit.
  • Receivers of the Vigyan Yuva-Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar awards, however, must be 45 years of age or younger.

PIOs (Persons of Indian Origin) are eligible if:

  • PIOs are eligible for these prizes, however, there are limits on how many PIOs can win in each category.

Dates for announcement and award:

  • The announcement of the RVP awards will take place every year on May 11, which is National Technology Day in India.
  • On August 23, which is National Space Day, the awards will be given out.

How will the scientists be nominated?

  • Each year, a committee will be established to supervise the selection procedure.
  • Six Secretaries of Science Ministries, up to four Presidents of Science and Engineering Academies, and six eminent scientists and technicians from diverse sectors will be among the committee’s prominent members.
  • The awards program will initially be managed by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).
  • The proposed National Research Foundation will assume control of the administration after two years.


With a focus on fostering quality and diversity in the field of science and technology, these awards signify a consolidation and reorganization of India’s system for recognizing scientists and inventors.