Chakshu Portal

Chakshu Portal


Recently, the Chakshu Portal was launched to empower citizens to report suspected fraudulent communications received via calls, SMS, or WhatsApp, aimed at defrauding individuals.

GS-2 Governance

Key Features:

  1. Fraud Detection and Reporting:
  • The portal allows users to report suspicious activities such as false claims of KYC expiration, requests for bank account or payment wallet updates, and threats of disconnection of services like SIM, gas, or electricity connections.
  • It also addresses instances of sextortion, impersonation of government officials or relatives asking for money, and other fraudulent practices.
  1. Citizen Protection:
  • By providing a streamlined process for reporting fraud, the portal enhances the security and trust of citizens in communication channels.
  • This initiative is part of broader efforts to protect the public from increasing cyber threats and fraud schemes.
  • These initiatives highlight the ongoing efforts to preserve ecological biodiversity and safeguard citizens from digital fraud, reflecting a commitment to environmental and societal well-being.