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Chauri Chaura incident



  • The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has remembered the heroes of our freedom struggle on completion of hundred years of Chauri Chaura incident.
  • He also shared his last year’s speech when the centenary celebrations of the incident began.




  • On 1stAugust, 1920, Gandhi had launched the Non-Cooperation Movement against the government.
  • It involved using swadeshi and boycott of foreign goods, especially machine made cloth, and legal, educational and administrative institutions, “refusing to assist a ruler who misrules”.
  • In the winter of 1921-22, volunteers of the Congress and the Khilafat Movement were organised into a national volunteer corps.
  • Khilafat Movement was a pan-Islamic force in India that arose in 1919 in an effort to salvage the Ottoman caliph as a symbol of unity among the Muslim community in India during the British raj.
  • The Congress supported the movement and Mahatma Gandhi sought to conjoin it to the Non-Cooperation Movement.


Details of the Chauri Chaura Incident:

  • On 4thFebruary, volunteers congregated in the town, and after the meeting, proceeded in a procession to the local police station, and to picket the nearby Mundera bazaar.
  • The police fired into the crowd killing some people and injuring many volunteers.
  • In retaliation, the crowd proceeded to set the police station on fire.
  • Some of the policemen who tried to escape were caught and battered to death.
  • A lot of police property, including weapons, was destroyed.
  • The disillusionment resulting from the suspension of the Non-Cooperation Movement nudged many of the younger Indian nationalists towards the conclusion that India would not be able to throw off colonial rule through non-violence.
  • It was from the ranks of these impatient patriots that some of India’s most of the revolutionaries came into picture like Jogesh Chatterjee, Ramprasad Bismil, Sachin Sanyal, Ashfaqulla Khan, Jatin Das, Bhagat Singh, Bhagwati Charan Vohra, Masterda Surya Sen, and many others.


Source: THE HINDU.