Civic action helps Assam Rifles thwart smuggling

Civic action helps Assam Rifles thwart smuggling

For Prelims/Mains

About Assam Rifles:

  • Assam Rifles is the oldest of the seven Central Paramilitary Force under the Central Armed Police Forces. It was created in 1835 under the name Cachar Levy and changed its name to Assam Rifles in 1917.
  • They perform many roles including counterinsurgency and border security operations, provision of aid to the civilians in times of emergency, and the provision of communications, medical assistance and education in remote areas. In times of war, they can also be used as a combat force to secure rear areas if needed.

  • After the Chinese annexation of Tibet, they were tasked with manning the Tibetan border of Assam Himalayan region. They were also instrumental in maintaining law and order in Arunachal Pradesh. Since 2002 Assam Rifles has been given the role of guarding the India–Myanmar border.
  • The Assam Rifles is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA), while its operational control is held by the Indian Army under the Ministry of Defence.
  • Assam Rifles have also been deployed outside the country during World War I where they were deployed in west Asia and Europe and World War II where they were mostly deployed in Myanmar (Burma). Post-independence they were deployed in Sri Lanka in the late 1980s when Indian Peacekeepers were sent in to curb the violence due to their expertise in counterinsurgency operations.