Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR)

Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR)


  • The much-awaited tiger safari project of the Uttarakhand government is under scanner after a Forest Survey of India (FSI) report stated that over 6,000 trees were illegally cut in the Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR) against the permission for 163 for the Pakhru Tiger Safari. 

About Jim Corbett National Park:

  • Jim Corbett National Park is a forested wildlife sanctuary in northern India’s Uttarakhand State. Rich in flora and fauna, it’s known for its Bengal tigers. Animals, including tigers, leopards and wild elephants.
  • This national park has the distinction of being recognized as the first National Park to be established in mainland Asia.
  • The park was then named as the ‘Hailey National Park’ and was later renamed as ‘Corbett National Park’after James Edward Corbett the noted hunter turned conservationist of the area. The area came under ‘Project Tiger’ in 1971 when Gov. of India launched this ambitious conservation project.
Where is it located?
  • Jim Corbett National Park is located between the Shiwalik Himalayas and the terai region in Uttarkhand.
What is there in the report?
  • The Forest Survey Institute which was tasked to conduct the survey has come out with the report.
  • According to the report the area cleared under the Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR) is estimated to be about 16.21 hectares.
  • When it comes to the number of trees which were cut off is estimated to be about 6,093


Source The Hindu