#GS-02 Elections

For Prelims


  • Delimitation denotes the act or process of fixing boundaries or limits of territorial constituencies in a country in order to better represent changes in population.
  • Article 82 of the Constitution allows for the readjustment of the state wise allocation of seats in the Lok Sabha after each census.
  • It also allows for the readjustment of the division of each State into territorial constituencies.
  • Article 170 of the Constitution allows the states also to get classified into territorial constituencies after every census
  • This can be done by such authority and in such manner as Parliament may by law
  • To enforce this the parliament enacts a Delimitation Act after every Census.
  • The first exercise of delimitation was carried out by the President with the help of the Election Commission in 1950-51.

Delimitation Commission

  • Delimitation Commission is set up by the union government under the Delimitation Act.
  • Delimitation Commissions have been set up four times so far, viz, 1952, 1963, 1973 and 2002 under the Acts of 1952, 1962, 1972 and 2002.
  • The Delimitation Commission is appointed by the President of India to work in collaboration with the Election Commission of India.
  • The commission is composed of Retired Supreme Court judge, Chief Election Commissioner, Respective State Election Commissioners.
Function of Delimitation Commission
  • The Delimitation Commission has the responsibility to determine the number and boundaries of constituencies in such a manner so that the population of all seats is the same, as far as practically possible.
  • The Commission also identifies the seats to be reserved for the communities of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, in areas where their population is significant.
  • The decision of the majority will be taken into consideration if the members of the Commission have differing opinions.
  • The Commission releases the draft proposals to the public through the Gazette of India and the official gazettes of states, and also in regional language newspapers.
  • It also conducts public sittings so that the public’s opinion is heard through oral or written.

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