Dealing With Deep Fakes

Dealing With Deep Fakes Context: A deep fake is a piece of work created by a machine using deep learning that contains misleading information. Because deep fakes seek to deceive us into believing something is true by distorting reality, it is beneficial to maintain the […]

Stabilise The Line Of Actual Control

Stabilise The Line Of Actual Control Context: The media frequently reports on violations and confrontations between Indian and Chinese forces along the LAC, even though both nations spend a significant amount of money on improving their military infrastructure and defensive readiness as they station personnel, […]

Wrestling Sexual Harassment 

Wrestling Sexual Harassment  Context:  The protest by the medal-winning wrestlers from India has been making headlines for a while. According to reports, the Delhi police lodged two complaints of sexual harassment against the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) president on April 28, 2023, following the […]

International Trade Has A Carbon Problem

International Trade Has A Carbon Problem Context :  India worries that CBAM will make it impossible for it to export carbon-intensive goods to the EU. India has reportedly denounced CBAM as being protectionist and discriminatory, even though its exports to the EU are barely 1.8% […]

Good And Bad

Good And Bad Context : Artificial intelligence (AI) that can generate fresh data is known as generative AI. Even though they are capable of more, generative AI is widely employed in the world today to generate text, graphics, and code in response to user requests. […]

Who Should Own The World’/s Lithium?

Who Should Own The World’/s Lithium? Context: According to academics, the continuous shift to low-carbon economies, the quick development of artificial intelligence (AI), and the rollout of 5G networks will significantly alter regional and global geopolitics. The histories of Chile and Bolivia, the two South […]

At The Root Of India’s Manufacturing Challenge

At The Root Of India’s Manufacturing Challenge Context: The necessity for a manufacturing ecosystem, encompassing education, training, and infrastructure, was disregarded in 1991 when the trade and industrial policy regime was revised. Economic Reforms of 1991 In response to a severe economic crisis, the Indian […]

Faster, Stronger Super Computers

Faster, Stronger Super Computers Context: India will likely have the fastest “supercomputer” in the world later this year, or more accurately, an enhanced “high-performance computing (HPC)” machine. The French business Atos, which offers consulting and IT services, will construct and install this system.  Points to […]