Gandhi Darshan gets a facelift, President to unveil the statue on Sept. 4

Gandhi Darshan gets a facelift, President to unveil the statue on Sept.4


President Droupadi Murmu will dedicate a 12-foot statue of Mahatma Gandhi and a Gandhi Vatika (garden) close to Rajghat on September 4 as part of a celebration of India’s 75th anniversary of independence and its G-20 chairmanship.

Where is the new statue going to be placed?

  • Inaugural ceremony
      • On September 4th, President Droupadi Murmu will dedicate a Gandhi Vatika (garden) and a 12-foot statue of the civil rights leader.
      • The commemoration of India’s 75 years of independence and its G-20 presidency includes this event.
  • Location
      • The statue and the garden are situated on the premises of Gandhi Darshan.
  • Artistic sculptures
    • Artists from Jaipur created the statues of Mahatma Gandhi.
    • These statues feature Mahatma Gandhi in various stances that highlight his various facets and stages.

What do we know about Gandhi Smrithi?

  • Location and significance: 
      • Gandhi Smriti is a museum in New Delhi, India, that is situated on Tees January Road.
      • The fact that Mahatma Gandhi spent his final 144 days there before being killed on January 30, 1948, lends it historical significance.
      • The Birla family, well-known Indian business tycoons, were the original owners of the home.
  • Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum:
      • Gandhi Smriti currently serves as the home of the Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum, which was founded in 2005.
      • Mahatma Gandhi’s life and legacy are preserved and celebrated in this museum.
  • Historical Perspective
    • Ghanshyamdas Birla constructed the 12-bedroom home where Gandhi Smriti is currently located in 1928.
    • Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel both frequently went there.
    • The Birla House served as the location of Mahatma Gandhi’s final residence from September 9, 1947, till his murder on January 30, 1948.
    • Jawaharlal Nehru suggested to Ghanshyamdas Birla that a portion of the Birla House be converted into a memorial after Gandhi was assassinated.
    • Although it is said that the talks to purchase the house were difficult, the Government of India eventually paid KK Birla Rs 54 lakhs and seven acres of urban land in 1971 to acquire the Birla House.