Adopt a Heritage 2.0 programme

Adopt a Heritage 2.0 programme Context: The  Archaeological Survey of India’s “Adopt a Heritage 2.0 programme” Indian Heritage app and e-Permission portal launched. Relevance: GS-01, GS-02 (Government policies and Interventions, Indian Heritage and Culture) About: The “Adopt a Heritage 2.0 Scheme” is aimed at inviting […]

A brief history of India’s present

A brief history of India’s present Context: The perplexing occurrence of communal clashes within India have been an enduring issue in the country’s history. A comprehensive analysis of these clashes reveals the underlying intricacies, shedding light on factors like historical continuities, selective law enforcement, and […]

Festival of libraries

Festival of libraries Context: The President of India, Smt Droupadi Murmu inaugurated the ‘Festival of Libraries’ in New Delhi, stating that the development of libraries is correlated to the development of society and culture marking the progress of Civilization. Relevance: GS-01 (Culture)   Main highlights: […]

Threads of Violence and Faith

Threads of Violence and Faith Context: In the proximity of the nation’s capital, the Nuh district of Haryana has become a stage for a recurring narrative of violence, juxtaposed against religious events that were once markers of communal cohesion. The phenomenon of religious processions has […]