GST Appellate Tribunal


Recently, Union Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman administered the oath of office to Justice (Retd.) Sanjaya Kumar Mishra, appointing him as the inaugural President of the GST Appellate Tribunal (GSTAT).

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  • The GSTAT, established under the Central Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017, serves as the appellate authority for resolving disputes related to GST. It comprises a Principal Bench located in New Delhi and 31 State Benches spread across the country.
  • Justice Mishra’s appointment heralds the operationalization of the GSTAT, a pivotal body aimed at expeditiously addressing GST-related appeals.
  • The Tribunal’s mandate includes hearing appeals against orders issued by the first appellate authority under the GST Act and State/Union Territories GST Acts.
  • The appointment process for Judicial and Technical Members of the Tribunal is underway, signaling the government’s commitment to ensuring its functionality and effectiveness.
  • The establishment of the GSTAT is expected to streamline the resolution process for GST disputes, offering swift and judicious outcomes while alleviating the burden on higher courts. Moreover, it will contribute to enhancing the overall efficacy and transparency of the GST system in India, fostering a conducive environment for tax compliance and economic growth.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Appellate Tribunal:

  • The proposal for the establishment of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Appellate Tribunal aims to address disputes arising from the GST regime in India.
  • It is a quasi-judicial body.
  • This independent body hears appeals against decisions made by GST authorities or the Appellate Authority, providing a dedicated forum for dispute resolution.
  • Comprising a national bench and regional benches, it is headed by a chairperson appointed by the central government, the tribunal seeks to streamline the adjudication process and alleviate the burden on the judicial system.
  • By offering a structured hierarchy for appeal, from the Adjudicating Authority to the Appellate Tribunal, High Court, and Supreme Court, the GST Appellate Tribunal intends to ensure fair and efficient resolution of disputes under GST regulations.
  • By establishing a specialized tribunal, the aim is to unburden the judiciary and expedite the resolution of GST-related conflicts.
  • The introduction of the GST Appellate Tribunal is anticipated to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the GST system in India.
  • Providing an independent mechanism for dispute resolution, it will contribute to promoting greater certainty and predictability in the GST framework, thereby helping to combat tax evasion and ensure compliance with taxation regulations.